Project Description

The Reclaim REHP-CO2-315-GL was installed in July 2019.

Between August 2019 and May 2020 (i.e. *10 full month), the total consumption is 743 kWh. This is an average of 74.3 kWh/month or 2.47 kWh/day. The unit is currently set to OPTION 5 (i.e. first long cycle at 10 am and second short cycle of day at 5 pm) and a family of 4 has been living in this site.

In coldest month of the year, June 2020, the monthly consumption has been 125 kWh/month (4.16 kWh/day), while in warmer months such as December-February 2019, the monthly consumption was 59.4 kWh/month (1.98 kWh/day).