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About Reclaim

Reclaim Energy is your locally owned and operated solar energy retailer, specialising in supplying and installing solar and battery storage, servicing NSW and Tasmania.

Reclaim Energy has more than 10 years experience in the solar industry, providing professional advice and services with an outstanding reputation for high-quality installations. We only use premium components and our solar panels are specifically designed for Australia’s extreme conditions. Reclaim Energy proudly employs Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited engineers and installers to ensure you get the right solar solution.


Residential Solar Power


If you’re looking for residential solar power in Tasmania or NSW, we have a local trusted expert who can assist you with your enquiry.

Reclaim Energy is committed to tailoring a solution to maximise the reduction of your electricity usage, we do this by analysing your usage patterns, understanding what your lifestyle is like, and make-a-plan with you from there.

Our main aim at Reclaim Energy is to help our customers understand the return on investment a solar power system can provide.

Commercial Solar Power

Solar Panels On An Office Building

If your business is predominantly operating in Daylight hours, we can reduce the majority of your consumption in most cases.

Regardless of whether you are the landlord or the tenant, commercial solar works. Our range of commercial finance packages means that in the vast majority of cases the project is cash-flow positive from day 1!

Allow one of our commercial consultants explain how this works.

Solar Power Monitoring Systems

Using smart home app on phone. Smart home remote control concept.

Reclaim Energy partners with Solar Analytics to provide you with unparalleled access to how your system is working for you. You will not only see how much you are producing but also how much you are using!!! Basically, in real time. This monitoring system is available for residential and commercial use. Learn More

Leading Brands

Reclaim Energy only sells and installs premium tier 1 products from the industry leading manufacturers, our panel brands REC, FLEX, LG and JA Solar are second to none in the industry. Our premium inverter brands Fronius, Enphase, SMA, and Solis are all longstanding industry leaders with 5- 10-year warranties as standard.

We partner with all leading brands in battery storage including BYD, Tesla, Enphase, and LG. We understand not all battery storage is the same and not all battery systems will suit your needs. This is why we at Reclaim Energy take the time to sit down and listen to your needs to ensure we are tailoring the right solution to your needs.

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