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Reclaim Energy Wins Two Gold Asia Pacific Stevie Awards for Transformative Innovations

Celebrating Excellence in Saving Energy and Innovation in Manufacturing Industries

We are thrilled to announce that Reclaim Energy has been honoured with two prestigious Gold awards at the 11th Annual Asia Pacific Stevie Awards!  These awards recognize our ground-breaking achievements in the Saving Energy (U06) and Excellence in Innovation in Manufacturing Industries (B05) categories.

Transformative Innovations for Sustainability

U06 – Saving Energy: CO2 Wi-Fi Heat Pump Hot Water System

Our submission in the Saving Energy category (U06) revolves around the transformative impact of our Reclaim Wi-Fi System. This pioneering solution has been reshaping the energy efficiency landscape, setting new benchmarks for innovation in load shifting capabilities and environmental accountability to consumers.

Key Differentiators:

  • Enhancing Grid Efficiency: API Integration with Electricity Suppliers: Our proprietary technology offers seamless integration with electricity suppliers, enabling efficient load shifting capabilities. By allowing suppliers to activate our system during off-peak hours, we alleviate pressure on the grid, resulting in reduced grid strain. This integration has a cascading effect on the electricity grid, potentially postponing the necessity for grid upgrades. Additionally, it helps manage the surplus energy transported back to the grid by Solar PV systems, preventing system overload scenarios.


  • Optimal Energy Utilisation: System Activation for Excess PV Energy – Our innovative PV mode empowers consumers to maximise their savings by heating water exclusively when there is surplus PV energy available. This feature ensures that consumers can enjoy the benefits of free water heating, effectively utilising excess energy generated by their solar panels. Not only does this reduce reliance on the grid, but it also alleviates pressure by avoiding the transportation of excess energy back to the grid.


  • Exceptional Energy Efficiency: Low Energy Consumption in contrast to traditional hot water units consuming an average of 12 kW per day, our system operates on an impressively low range of 0-1 kW per day when coupled with Solar PV. This remarkable efficiency is attributed to our system’s COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 5, indicating that for every kilowatt of energy used, we generate 5 kilowatts of energy to heat the water within the system. When considering the scale of this efficiency, the potential impact of implementing our system on a global scale becomes evident, promising substantial reductions in overall energy consumption.

Excellence in Innovation in Manufacturing Industries:

B05 – CO2 Wi-Fi Heat Pump in the Excellence in Innovation in Manufacturing Industries category

Our entry focused on the detailed features of our system and our ethical manufacturing processes such as a zero co2 emissions factory in Kyoto, Japan. This revolutionary product isn’t just a hot water system; it’s a catalyst for change, challenging industry norms and setting new standards for accountability and sustainability.

Key Features:

  • Reducing Energy Consumption: Achieving an 80% reduction in energy draw compared to industry standards, with an average daily consumption of 0.5-1.5 kW.
  • Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant: Utilizing CO2 (R744) with a GWP of 1, significantly minimizing environmental impact compared to standard systems.
  • Reliability and Quality: Boasting an impressive 0.34% warranty case rate, reflecting its reliability and durability.
  • Smart Integration for Sustainable Practices: Empowering users to optimize their hot water systems based on excess PV energy, promoting responsible energy consumption.

Judges’ Acclaim for Reclaim Energy’s Innovations

U06 – Saving Energy Judge Comments:

Judge 1: “Reclaim Energy introduces a CO2 Wi-Fi Heat Pump Hot Water System, reducing energy consumption by 87.5-95.8% and offering a 0.34% warranty, aiming for legislative changes and global recognition.”

Judge 2: “CO2 Wi-Fi Heat Pump Sustainable Breakthrough (UO6) from Reclaim Energy is a very innovative tool to help sustainability programs in the future, and its impact may already be seen now.”

Judge 3: “Fantastic energy-saving initiative, which has a proven model and scalability.”

B05 – Excellence in Innovation Judge Comments:

Judge 4: “Use of CO2 as a refrigerant and the integration of energy-saving features such as ‘vacation mode’ to reduce energy use is quite innovative.”

Judge 5: “This is a superb entry and above all, the impact this innovative product will have on sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions is amazing.”

Contextualizing the Impact: A Green Revolution in the Making

Market Dynamics and Impactful Trends

Water Heating Impact: Water heating constitutes up to 30% of household energy use, making it a prime target for innovative solutions.

Energy Consumption Reduction: Annually, 700,000 hot water units are replaced in Australia. If all were Reclaim units, it would result in a staggering reduction of 18,888,750,000 KWs of energy.

Environmental Impact: With a GWP of 1, our product reduces CO2 emissions by 4,725,000 tonnes annually in Australia alone.

Contributing to National Targets: Reclaim Energy’s innovations significantly contribute to Australia’s emissions reduction targets of 43% by 2030 and net-zero by 2050.

Global Recognition and Collaborative Engagement

Partnerships and Advocacy for Change

Collaborations: Partnerships with esteemed partners like Panasonic, Solar Analytics (UNSW), ViPac Labs, and Dontek Technology emphasize our commitment to environmental and consumer well-being.

Advocacy: Actively advocating for legislative changes, especially for the ban of dangerous refrigerants, demonstrates our commitment to driving impactful shifts in the industry.

Reclaim Energy: A Beacon of Responsible Innovation

Looking Towards the Future

Our CO2 Wi-Fi Heat Pump Hot Water System isn’t just a product; it’s a transformative force actively addressing global challenges.

With unmatched accountability, emission reduction capabilities, and societal impact, our product is a beacon of responsible innovation in the hot water system market.

As we celebrate these awards, we reaffirm our commitment to continuous improvement, collaboration, and innovation. Reclaim Energy stands ready to lead the charge towards a greener, more sustainable future. Thank you to our incredible team, partners, and supporters for joining us on this transformative journey!

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