Our Reclaim Tank is a “stratified” tank which means that different layers of water are separated based on their temperature naturally. The hot and cold regions are especially separated by a region called “Thermocline”, naturally due to cold and hot water density difference, whereby hot water travels up and cold-water travels down. Our Reclaim Controller shows the tank temperature at 65°C – 70% level on the tank (i.e., bottom of the tank). This means that only up to the sensor level is heated up. Where the sensor is, the temperature can drop quickly, as the cold and hot region can get mixed quickly with small amount of hot water used. Even if there is no hot water usage, the tank temperature at sensor level can drop quickly due to heat loss from cold to hot region.

Our Reclaim Heat Pump supplies water at the top of the tank at 63°C water, delivers hot water to the tempering valve/taps from the same level. As such, the tank bottom temperature does not represent the delivery temperature. The difference between the tank bottom sensor temperature and top of the tank temperature is appx 10°C (i.e. 37°C at bottom tank temperature means top tank temperature is appx 47°C).