Project Description

We are so proud to be the hot water specialists for Geelong Sustainability’s Electric Homes Program, a non-for-profit organisation that looks at tangible ways we can reduce the climate crisis.  They examine the carbon footprint of our homes and how we can switch from gas to renewable energy sources.

Managing director Chris Taylor recently facilitated a webinar with our fabulous partners on all things hot water heat pumps, including how they can save the environment and money – without compromising our lifestyles.  In fact, Australian consumers can save 80% on their hot water costs with heat pump hot water systems that are 200 times more environmentally friendly than traditional heat pumps.

How?  We have a Co2 heat pump which uses a refrigerant that is a natural and ozone friendly.  We also use technology that is incredibly efficient, drawing in energy from the atmosphere and transferring it to heat.   No sun? No problem, the unit doesn’t require it – in fact it works in all Australian climate conditions.  The hot water heat pumps are also super quiet, have a 6-year warranty and within 2-3 years they will have paid for themselves!  There’s even a Wi-Fi controller option offering a market-leading 5-year warranty for your peace of mind.

We believe we perfectly align with the environmentally friendly ecosystem that the Electric Home Program is promoting.  If you are interested in learning more or would like to express your interest in this program – please do so by 30th of November via their website.