Project Description

The Future of Hot Water is Here!

Reclaim Energy have partnered with Solar Analytics!

Reclaim Energy heat pumps can now save you even more through Wi-Fi integration with Solar Analytics. If you consent to share operational data from your Reclaim heat pump with Solar Analytics, you can increase your savings by optimising when you run your heat pump, e.g., when you have high solar production.

If you already have a Reclaim heat pump, simply clink on the button in the Reclaim app to allow Solar Analytics access (refer below for detailed instructions).

If you don’t yet have a Reclaim heat pump, check out the free online Solar Maximiser tool that will compare all of your smart energy options and show you have much you can save with rooftop solar, a solar battery or a hot water heat pump. An if you decide to buy a Reclaim heat pump, make sure you include the Wi-Fi controller so that you can track your energy and maximise your savings.

Benefits of adding Solar Analytics!

If you already have solar on your roof

Solar Analytics will optimise your Reclaim heat pump to run during peak daylight hours, using your own solar energy to heat your hot water. You will save an extra $105 on average every year.

Real time energy management will also provide you with increased savings from:

  • Plan Optimiser – find the best electricity plan for your home.
  • True Performance – make sure your system is performing to its optimal!
  • Savings Analysis – track your savings from your solar and heat pump.
  • Energy Insights – see the best times to use your energy.
  • Solar Battery Calculator – know when to invest in a battery.

If you don’t have solar on your roof

Solar Analytics will regularly provide you summary information about your heat pump energy usage, your savings, new energy plans on the market, and advice on how to operate your heat pump to maximise your savings.

If you don’t yet have solar, check out Solar Maximiser to see if solar is right for you, and in the meantime, Solar Analytics can still provide you energy usage and savings information about your heat pump, as well as advice on how to operate it to maximise your savings.

How is Works

Your solar inverter and Reclaim heat pump are connected to your home Wi-Fi. You then authorise Solar Analytics to get your energy data from your heat pump, solar inverter, and electricity meter.

Solar Analytics analyses your data with local weather data and our patented algorithms to provide guidance on how you can minimise your energy bill and maximise your savings.

Reclaim Energy is doing this trial for one year in 2024 in two stages:

  • Stage 1: Data sharing: During this phase, Solar Analytics will get access to your Reclaim heat pump for monitoring purposes. The data from a pool of participants at this stage will be used to develop a control method for Stage 2 launching mid 2024.
  • Stage 2: Control: During Stage 1, a control strategy will be developed. In Stage 2, your Reclaim Heat pump will be controlled by Solar Analytics (Option 9 on the Reclaim controller will be developed). Solar Analytics will kick in the heat pump based on solar availability and/or factors such as weather or energy prices.

How much does it cost?

Solar Analytics is a subscription service that costs $60 p/a and on average finds additional energy savings of $412 every year, maximising your solar savings and giving you energy freedom. It currently supports solar systems with a Fronius, Sungrow, GoodWe, GE or LG solar inverter. This will be expanded in early 2024 providing availability to all solar (and non-solar) customers.

Reclaim heat pump customers with solar will be offered a free 1-year subscription to Solar Analytics and all its included features. Customers without solar will receive emailed summary information and recommendations on their heat pump energy usage free of charge.

How to Add Solar Analytics

Once your Reclaim heat pump has been installed, download the Reclaim app on iOS or Android.

  1. Grant access to Solar Analytics
    – Navigate to the Setup screen
    – Set the API Access to ‘Data’ or ‘Control’ (Please note only “data” is available now and control option will be added in this section later in 2024)
  2. Data’ will send your heat pump data to Solar Analytics so that they can provide your energy insights and advice.

Control’ will allow Solar Analytics to automatically set your heat pump to run when your energy is cheapest, usually in peak daylight hours when you are generating excess solar.
This also requires the heat pump to be set to
Wi-Fi Control Mode from the Timers screen.

Register with Solar Analytics
Click the link, follow the prompts in the app to complete your registration, then you are in!

Note: Reclaim Energy have partnered with Solar Analytics to trial this new technology for 2024.