Project Description



On 25-26th of October we participated in Australia’s largest and most exciting clean energy event – the All-Energy Australia Exhibition and Conference. The Conference was held in partnership with the Clean Energy Council and showcased Australia’s most cutting-edge technology and trends in the renewables industry. There were over 375 leading suppliers and 10,000 industry professionals in attendance which was an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas alongside other leaders who share in our passion of advanced renewable technologies.  

Chris Taylor speaking on the Energy Council Panel
Lily D’Ambrosio Victorian Minister for Climate Action, Energy and the State Electricity Commission at Reclaim Energy Stand


We were proud to be the only CO2 heat pump provider at the conference and thrilled to share our Stand with new partners Panasonic. We had significant interest in our Stand, including a visit from Lily D’Ambrosio (Victorian Minister for Climate Action, Energy and the State Electricity Commission.) It was exciting to provide detailed information about our products and how they are specifically designed to reduce environmental impact and obtain optimum savings for consumers.

Our Managing Director Chris Taylor discussed this on the ‘Pumped for progress’ panel, detailing how CO2 heat pumps reduce greenhouse emissions at an affordable rate for Australian families whilst also complying to governmental standards. The panel generated robust discussion, including recommendations for the introduction of a ratings system for heat pumps to empower Australian consumers to make informed decisions. The panel highlighted the importance of collaboration between industry leaders and when there is collective focus on good outcomes for Australian consumers the industry will continue to improve in its consistency.


Our hope that following such a successful event, the industry can excel and work toward the goal of net zero emissions by 2050. Given the rapid growth of the renewable energy sector, it is vital that we learn from other countries advancements in implementing industry standards in their heat pump markets. It is essential that Australian policies indicate that only products that reduce greenhouse emissions are eligible for rebate structures. Additionally, more investment is required to ensure that plumbers are trained and supported to complete high-quality installations. We require these improvements to promote consistency in the quality of advanced renewable technologies for Australian families; leading to cleaner energy solutions.