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Average annual energy saving of up to 80%

Dollars and sense .

  • Average running cost of $360 per annum*
  • Average daily consumption of 3 kWh per day
  • Estimated payback period of 3 years
  • Warranty up to 15 years**

* Energy usage varies based on individual house hold requirements and location. Estimates provided here are based on the results of field trials undertaken in Australia across 2018.

** Our Stainless Steel Tanks come with a 15 year warranty.

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Reclaim energy CO2 Heat Pump Australia
Reclaim energy CO2 Heat Pump Australia

Perfect house guest .

  • The quietest system on the market (Average noise level: 37 dB) whisper quiet functionality
  • 315L tank size (Glass Lined Enamel or Stainless Steel – there are benefits to both depending on where you live and your water supply)
  • Ozone friendly CO2 refrigerant
  • Built-in frost control operation
  • Built in legionella control operation
  • Smart top down heating mechanism (faster hot water access and recovery)

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Installed on the wall or tank and easily accessible

Smart features .

Reclaim energy CO2 Heat Pump Australia
Reclaim energy CO2 Heat Pump Australia
Our Reclaim energy CO2 Heat Pump controller makes monitoring and managing your energy simple. The interactive features enables you to individually customise how and when your hot water system works for you.
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  • PV setting allows you to maximise the energy you produce whilst minimising and/or eliminating your hot water costs
  • Single shot boost (provides all the hot water you need on demand)
  • Off peak management (ensures your running costs are kept to a minimum)
  • Continuous hot water (set and forget feature)

Massive power savings .

Standard electric hot water = 3.6 kW electrical input to create 3.6 kW thermal output
Reclaim Energy Heat Pump = 1 kW electrical input to create 4.8 kW thermal output
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  • Great connectivity to PV
  • Equivalent to 4 kW battery storage
  • No need for secondary boosting
  • Custom designed for Australian conditions and environment
  • Great cold weather performance

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Reclaim energy CO2 Heat Pump Australia

We will install your new system .

Reclaim Energy has built a dedicated national network of trained installers and service agents. All installers have been trained by our dedicated team of internal experts ensuring that only the best professionals are engaged to install and/or service your new heat pump. When lodging an after sales service request please remember to provide your product registration details so we can track your system and ensure we can smoothly manage your requests for support.

Warranties .

Our Reclaim energy CO2 Heat Pump has market leading warranties. So you can relax in the knowledge that your hot water system will efficiently power your energy savings for years to come and if there are any issues, we will be there.

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