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Smart hot water is now a reality.

The Reclaim energy CO2 Heat Pump is one of the first truly smart hot water systems available on the market. Our integration with the Solar Analytics monitoring package allows customers to monitor and control their energy management in real time.  Customers can monitor energy usage patterns and use the flexible controls to optimise their energy savings. The Reclaim Energy heat pump puts the power to control your energy costs back in your hands where it belongs.
Benefits of Monitoring

  • Manage heat pump power consumption
  • Take control over the running cost of heating your hot water
  • Customize the operational time of heat pump to match with PV excess power
  • Supports real time customer care from our dedicated after sales team

Reclaim energy CO2 Heat Pump Australia

Residential Case Study Victoria .

315 L Electric tank was replaced by a Reclaim energy CO2 Heat Pump unit

Solar Analytics was already in place

  • Real data was available for usage before and after heat pump installation

Daily power consumption

  • Before Heat Pump installation: 14-20 kWh/day
  • After Heat Pump installation: 2-4 kWh/day
  • Over 80% power consumption reduction

Power consumption pattern shown below

Annual Cost Savings

  • $1,800 per year electricity bill was reduced to $350 per year
  • $1,450 reduction per year in running costs compared to electric tanks
  • 80% reduction in running costs
  • Almost less or about 1 AUD/day for heat pump operation


  • This ranges between 2-3 years depending on the current electric system cost and electricity prices

Savings graph below

Reclaim energy CO2 Heat Pump Australia

Commercial Case Study Tasmania / Shene Estate .

July 2017

1 x Q-ton air-to-water heat pump.

Located in Pontville, Tasmania the 199 year old Shene Estate and Distillery has been using locally sourced ingredients and traditional methods to produce some of Australia’s best gin and single malt whiskeys. The distillery’s world famous Poltergeist Gin was awarded a Double Gold medal at the 2017 and 2018 San Francisco International Spirits Competition and a Gold Medal and the World Gin Awards in the same year, making it one of Tasmania’s most celebrated gins.


After speaking with our technical sales department and after taking into consideration the distillery’s daily water volume and temperature requirements as well as the colder temperatures the distillery would experience in winter, it was agreed that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ Q-ton, CO2 air-to-water hot water solution would be perfect for the application.

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